For media inquiries or questions / comments from the public pertaining to The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice, please use this web-form. Due to The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation wanting to reduce our backlog of nearly 1000 cases that are currently waiting our approval or rejection, with many applicants having waited several years, we are no longer accepting any new applications at this time: our goal is to remove the backlog.
Please do not use the web-form to ask the Foundation for any of the following:
  • To call or meet with you in person to discuss a case you would like us to consider- in order to reduce our backlog, we are not currently accepting any new applications. In addition, even if we were accepting new applications, our policy is to only deal directly with potential clients through the mail. 
  • To ask for an update on a family member or friend's case which is from our active cases. Again our policy is to only deal directly with our clients or potential clients - it is up to the client to keep friends, family. and advocates up to date if they choose to do so;
  • To ask us questions about cases other than our active cases; we unfortunately do not have the time to do so
  • To solicit our help with cases that are pre-conviction, or to get involved in cases that have not yet gone to trial (we do not have the manpower to do that nor are equipped to handle those cases);
  • To ask us to get involved in a death penalty case. Death penalty cases are not only beyond the geographical area we serve when we are taking active cases, but they also require a special skill set we don't have. 
  • To ask us to review any legal documents in order to give you our opinion - we unfortunately only have time to review legal documents pertaining to cases that we are currently working on

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The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice 3148 East Tremont Avenue, 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York 10461
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