Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Presentations by those personally injured and affected by wrongful behavior are understandably more compelling and informative than those from third party lecturers and academics. Mr. Deskovic, in his travels throughout the country in the past four years, has opened the eyes of civilians, teachers, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, legislators, those in the best position to bring about change.

It is not possible to fully calculate the number of individuals who have been impacted by Jeffrey’s presentations. There are some obvious benefits to audiences who have listened:

A knowledge of the true state of the criminal justice system as it is presently constructed; an awareness of the causes of wrongful conviction and the reforms needed to shore up the cracks in the system; and measures that can be taken to prevent one’s own wrongful conviction.

Those coming away from his presentations have expressed shock and simultaneous gratefulness at having being made aware and frequently indicating that they want to do something about it. High school and college students frequently respond as to which fields and courses of study they might pursue to work in the field or to otherwise assist the movement against wrongful convictions. Still others find presentations to be inspiring as an example of not giving up and going for one’s goals, as well as generally putting things into perspective.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation believes that raising public awareness is the key to bringing about meaningful legislative reform. Toward that end, Jeff Deskovic has already given more than 75 compelling presentations in a variety of settings to groups as few as thirty or as many as twenty five hundred. The Foundation is committed to further spreading information with respect to wrongful prosecutions and convictions, and is therefore actively seeking sponsorship partners so as not to exclude economically disadvantaged institutions.

For those seeking to schedule a speaking event, Mr. Deskovic is available, through the Foundation, to make presentations. Whether a college, high school, social and fraternal organizations, professional associations, conferences and seminars, law enforcement groups, criminal justice organizations, crime victim associations and/or direct service providers; those agencies wishing to schedule an event are encouraged to do so and are further assured of the Foundation’s assistance in the event that they are not able to cover the expenses normally associated with the presentation of a speaker.

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