Thursday, October 30, 2014
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Submit a Case

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation will accept for processing only cases in which there is a claim of actual innocence. It is neither the purpose nor the intent of the Foundation to engage in the furtherance of the traditional appeals process. Rather, it is our intent to explore all avenues of investigation which will produce informational resources not previously deployed in the effort to establish actual innocence.

This form is for evaluation purposes only and submission of this application in no way guarantees the participation of the Foundation in efforts to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. It merely guarantees that we will give the case careful consideration. Our review process is both two-fold and ongoing. Initially, the Foundation will consider a case based on this questionnaire and supporting documentation. If the determination is made that we will further pursue the case, it will then be reviewed by our investigative arm, which will conduct a preliminary field interview of the applicant. The subject therefore must be willing to undergo an in-person interview, assist in acquiring the legal paperwork, and to generally cooperate in any way possible. In recognition of the fact that some applicants will not have exhausted their normal appeals process, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of the attorney or attorneys representing them.

It’s the Foundation’s policy that, if at any point in the process it is determined that an applicant has been less than totally truthful and forthcoming, all efforts on that applicant’s behalf will be immediately suspended.

It would be helpful and in the interests of the applicant if they would follow the instructions carefully.

Please print or type all responses. In answering questions, supporting documentation, labeled as “Exhibit A, Exhibit B” etc. will be helpful provided it is limited to the subject matter of the question. You may submit supporting documentation in .pdf or .doc format.  If you choose to send your request and supporting documentation by postal mail, be sure to send only copies of documentation, not the originals. For example, if a supporting document is a page from an appellate brief, then only a copy of that page from the brief should be sent rather than the whole brief.

Send Copies Only.  Other than what is absolutely necessary to illustrate an answer, do not send any legal materials. The Foundation is unable to return any documents or materials.

The Foundation is presently only accepting Non-DNA cases which originated within New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, and DNA cases from any state in the United States.

To download the questionnaire on behalf of a prisoner, click here.